Our work takes place at global, continental, national and regional levels.

Our Approach

Pegasys Institute employs an evidence-based research-for-development approach.

We provide thought leadership and practical solutions by Africans for Africans.

We work collaboratively, building relationships with communities, stakeholders and implementers.

We work with intended beneficiaries to ensure that research and recommendations meet their needs.

The outcomes-pathways approach allows us to map the desired outcomes and the appropriate pathway to take to achieve these outcomes.

Pegasys Institute’s work involves:

  • Research and development
  • Developing policy-orientated frameworks and briefs
  • Advocacy, and engaging stakeholders and influencers
  • Training and capacity building
  • Communication of new ideas and solutions networking
  • Testing policy through implementation or supporting project implementation.

Communicating for change

Pegasys Institute communicates its findings and recommendations in ways that effectively build recognition of the value that these can have on beneficiaries and communities.

We ensure that decision-makers and influencers are informed and able to see that changes are warranted and based on other successful models.

Communication takes various forms:

  • Conducting expert workshops, seminars, conferences and round-table discussions
  • Preparing policy briefs, technical briefs, research papers, books and articles
  • Conducting educational training programmes in relation to projects
  • Public and media relations activities and social media campaigns
  • Leveraging international meetings and groupings.