The challenge for Africa

Africa Field

Many African countries face high levels of poverty, limited resources, significant climate variability and change, and high population growth. At the same time, while there has been unprecedented economic growth in recent years in many places, there remains limited technical and financial resources in government with which to address these challenges.

In addition, many of the management tools that are being used are based on experience and expertise from developed countries with different climates, cultures and levels of infrastructure development and expertise. The Pegasys Institute develops approaches that work in Africa, based on African and developmental world experience.

Current frameworks in place on the continent seldom respond adequately to the depth, complexity and interrelatedness of the – mounting – challenges at hand. We need to build this capacity now and for the future if we are going to be able to provide a better future for all Africans, particularly the poor and the marginalised.

The positive social and economic impacts of the democratisation of access to natural and other resources are hard to overstate. Access to sufficient land and water can enable a household to produce food not only for the table, but also for local, national and/or international markets.

The transformation that can play out during even one generation as a result of the mass availability of even one such resource is enormous.

This is where Pegasys Institute comes in.

Written by Admin on 23 April 2014